Who are we?


Michal Manor:

The founder and editor-in-chief of Innovation Cafe.

Michal Manor is a journalist with 30 years of experience in printed, broadcasting and digital media. Michal is the owner of “Roa Olam” - a traveling magazine and the manager of the Israeli Travel Blogger community.

Skilled in community management, editing, organic promotion and marketing writing.

I have a great passion for traveling, design, innovation, urban culture and food.

My favorite kitchen: Fusion Asian. My favorite drink: Wine


Ailen Gamberoni:

Freelance journalist and citizen of the world. I was born in Italy but have very strong ties with the UK and the US, where part of my family lives. In the past, I covered music, fashion and travel, but now I focus on food and lifestyle experiences. 

I have opened my blog on gluten-free recipes 7 years ago, I achieved my diploma as a professional chef and in 2015 I opened with my partner Giovanni Cucina Italiana in Eindhoven in The Netherlands, both a school and deli-service.







Carmit Oron:

Carmit is the Co-Founder and CEO of the ACT innovation Hub.

ACT is a platform supporting the development of new innovative food startups providing them critical culinary and operational advisory, supporting their go-to-market strategy, and helping founders scale and raise funding.

Carmit is used to work with both Israeli and large multinationals as well as family-owned companies where she took management roles in senior business development positions.

Carmit started her career in the insurance world within AIG Following that, she worked as a health division manager at a leading insurance broker and VP business development in a financial services firm where she successfully carried out projects for startups, VC's and large multinationals.

As the head of value creation at SOSA, an open innovation platform, she worked closely with Fortune 500 companies to create collaborations between the corporates, startups, and investors, in order to accelerate innovation in internal and external channels.

Carmit is the co-founder at WMN, an Israeli network of female lead ventures designed to support women CEO's in their business challenges.

Carmit’s most significant advantage is her ability to combine strong business skills to create proven, outstanding results.



Meirav Talmor Kashi:

P.R and Marketing expert.

I practice publicity and PR for 16 years, and in those days, I am also working as a marketing and PR consulting. My goals in this field are branding, differentiation, business plan, getting to know your social media assets, writing, creativity and motivate the followers to get in touch, push forward the product. 

I love collaborations and initiatives, including producing blogger tours, joined projects, lectures about consulting, saving costs and planning correctly, attending conferences ext. I am also a tourism reporter, writing about destinations in Israel and around the world, trends in the tourism world, recommendations and more.  You could see and read more on my website.

Moreover, I believe that "the sky is the limit", with hard work, an open mind and optimism we can do great things together.


How it all began?

In March 2019 Michal Manor visited Eindhoven for the first time and fell in love with the creative and innovative energies of this city. Since then she is trying to share the vibes of Eindhoven (and the Netherlands) in Israel. 

In September 2020, during the Covid-19 crisis, while conducting interviews for the Israeli-Dutch innovation center, Michal initiated a digital platform in order to boost future collaboration between the Netherlands and Israel.

Special thanks to Erik Van Gerwen from Eindhoven 365 for the inspiration, connections and insights that generated this project.

Main Topics:

Food tech

Kits and packages

Restaurants and cafe with new concepts & design

Dishware design

Food waste & sustainability

Natural healthy food 


Wines technology 

Interviews with food experts

Experiments with food and design

Application for food and hospitality

Food tours

Nutritions and Vitamines

Green environment

Solutions for healthy and tasty food


About Innovation Cafe

What is “Innovation Cafe” all about?

Innovation Cafe is a creative and multidisciplinary hub, where we can share ideas, knowledge and thoughts about Israeli and Dutch innovations and collaborations in the fields of food and hospitality.

Our goal is to connect Israeli and Dutch entrepreneurs and create bondings and dialogues that will lead to interesting, inspiring new projects.

We boost and promote creators, inventors and entrepreneurs from the fields of food, design, health and leisure with emphasis on products and inventions that are sustainable or contribute to society.

Although we will focus mainly on the Netherlands and Israel, there will be references to other countries like Italy, Greece, Belgium, Finland etc.



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