About Innovation Cafe

What is “Innovation Cafe” all about?


Innovation Cafe is a creative and multidisciplinary hub, where we can share ideas, knowledge and thoughts about Israeli and Dutch innovations and collaborations in the fields of food and hospitality.

Our goal is to connect Israeli and Dutch entrepreneurs and create a bonding and a dialogue that will lead to interesting, inspiring new projects.

We boost and promote creators, inventors and entrepreneurs from the fields of food, design and leisure with emphasis on products and inventions that are sustainable or contribute to society.

Although we will focus mainly on the Netherlands and Israel, there will be references to other countries like Italy, Greece, Belgium, etc.

In our blog you can find articles that are dealing with a variety of topics like:

Food tech

Kits and packages

Restaurants and cafe new concepts & design

Dishware design

Food waste & sustainability

Natural healthy food 


Wines technology 

Interviews with food experts

Experiments with food and design

Application for food and hospitality

Food tours

Nutritions - Vitamines and Cosmetics

Recipes for healthy and tasty food


Who are we?


Michal Manor: The founder and editor-in-chief of Innovation Cafe.

Michal Manor is a journalist with 30 years of experience in printed, broadcasting and digital media. Michal is also the owner of “Roa Olam” - a traveling magazine and the manager of the Israeli Travel Blogger community. Michal has a great passion for design, innovation. technology and Dutch culture.

My favorite kitchen: Fusion Asian. My favorite drink: Wine

Ifat Chen Cohen:

Ailen Gamberoni:

How it all began?


In Mars 2019 Michal Manor visited Eindhoven for the first time and fall in love with the creative and innovative energies of this city. Since then she is trying to share the vibes of Eindhoven (and the Netherlands) in Israel, including an inspirational tour for representatives of Eindhoven365 in Israel or making special interviews for the Israeli-Dutch innovation center. 

In September 2020, during the Covid-19 crisis, Michal initiated a digital platform in order to boost future collaboration between the Netherlands and Israel.

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