• Michal Ben-ari Manor

Blue Huna - Natural drinking straws

Eco-Friendly drinking straws made from wheat stalk

An interview with Einon and Klil Shir, the founders of Blue Huna

Who Are you

We, Einon and Klil Shir, founded Blue Huna because of our positive worldview. We believe that change is not as complex as one tends to think. The small choices we make are the ones that can make a big difference. Our planet can no longer accommodate the large amounts of garbage we produce. On the other hand, we have needs and a standard of living to which we have become accustomed. That’s why we have chosen to offer simple solutions

that benefit both the user and the environment. We just need to make the SWITCH together.

How did you come up with the idea?

For several years we lived in various countries while working for a diamond company. Our many experiences out in the world and our exposure to the global plastics problem instilled in us a desire to establish a company that would form part of the solution. We understand that we are a

t a critical point and now is the time to bring about change. Our children’s future depends on the decisions we make today. BLUE HUNA manufactures straw drinking straws.

What is unique about your product

Our straws are biodegradable, they are a by-product of the wheat crap industry, they are 100% eco-friendly, 100% natural, and gluten-free.

Our packages are being packed by people with disabilities that are being exposed to the labor market.

We believe in -

Simplicity - In a world where there are more ideas and content than we are able to comprehend, we at Blue Huna believe that the most effective solutions are also the simplest —as simple as "straw drinking straw". The idea is to make use of what already exists, rather than producing something new.

Positivity - At Blue Huna we perceive the existing good and abundance. As a company we strive to unite people in a just cause, but not out of fear or helplessness.

Environmental - At Blue Huna it is important to us to consider every detail along the way. We take the environment into consideration, from the product preparation stage to packaging and marketing. The goal of our brand is to maximize the use of existing materials and minimize the damage that may arise in production and shipping

.create a community - To create a community The idea of our brand is to gather private customers and businesses with common values, creating a community mobilized for the environment and a better future for all

Reliability and responsibility - To act reliably and responsibly At Blue Huna we do everything in our power to provide high-quality, ecological products. And if a problem arises, we are always here for you

The common good before our eyes - To strive for the common good At Blue Huna we strive to collaborate with associations that employ people with special needs. We subsidize and take part in projects that contribute to the community. And we act out of love and connection, to create a growing, influential community.

What is your vision?

Our vision is to provide a global, ecological solution for drinking straws.

We have developed a model for local production in any country where straws are needed.

Our company provides the knowledge, advanced technology, and equipment, as well as marketing infrastructure.

Thus, we can provide an optimal solution and an excellent alternative to plastic straws – straw drinking straws!

While we were traveling around the world, and in recent years, while studying yoga, we have been accumulating tools and knowledge.

We hope that by bringing about a change, we can help make our world a better, cleaner, happier place.

We have taken upon ourselves the raising of awareness for the preservation of the environment in a positive way, by encouraging businesses that share our vision.

At BLUE HUNA we strive to act for the good of humanity and the world.

What challenges have you encountered along the way?

There are challenges associated with people who have not yet made the change and the main challenge is to explain to people that the change is in the approach and that it is much simpler than it seems.

In addition to that, the coronavirus stopped a lot from our entrance to the market.

We began marketing in February 2020 and in March the country went into lockdown and all the shops, restaurants and bars, that were our best customers, had to close.

What are the reactions to your product?

The reactions to the product are very, very encouraging and positive. Feels like people have been waiting a long time for an easy and simple solution like we were able to produce

How do you market the straws?

We sell to the institutional market, restaurants, bars, hotels, cafes, events etc.

We also sell retail packages to the consumers both on our website and in health food stores, Lifestyle stores and more.

In addition, we have distributors around the world.

What are your plans for the future?

We see ourselves as a company that brings sustainable solutions for the use of disposable plastics.

Who would you be happy to collaborate with?

We would be happy to collaborate with anyone whose worldview fits in with our vision and wants to lead with us the change in the field of global pollution.