• Michal Ben-ari Manor

Dafi Kremer - Co-founder of ‘Sir La Salam’ ('A Pot for Peace')

Israeli-Arab coexistence on a plate

Who are you?

I am Dafi, the mother of Itamar, a loving partner of Izhar, and a proud owner of “Dafka Taim - culinary adventures”.

My kitchen is a colorful, sensual and intuitive kitchen that makes sure to be true to the moment, the season and the mood.

To get to this complete phase, I went through a long road that included almost two decades of running around in the high-tech fields under the hats of a mathematician, developer and manager.

Itamar was the generator that pulled me out of this world, that in retrospect I did not belong to.

A revolution that brought with it so much abundance, satisfaction, passion and light.

During a routine, I mostly research the local food culture from tradition, through agriculture to the modern and conscious cuisine that grows here. Host concept meals, take people with me on culinary and cultural adventures in Istanbul and Dordogne (hand still outstretched) and the Jewish half of ‘Sir LaSalam’

סיר לסלאם سير لسلام a pot for a peace
Dafi Kremer

What is your culinary background?

Today there are 5 years of creation behind me in which I grew and developed so much.

My previous background is a curious and inquisitive eater.

During my travels around the world for 15 years, I eagerly researched the local kitchens in the countries where I lived (Denmark, Sweden, India),

as well as immigrant kitchens in major cities (New York and London).

In my free time, I played and examined raw materials and produced meals for my friends and family

How did you come up with the idea for the סיר לסלאם سير لسلام a pot for a peace' project?

It all started with "My Courtship" after Muzna, whom I met at Jacobs Cheese Workshops complex. The encounters there eventually led to a fascinating and exciting meal at Muzna.

There we realized that we were both researching the traditional history and the culinary background of the places we came from (Palestinian cuisine, the Jewish Eastern European cuisine and the Silk Road cuisine)

We decided to combine the flavors into unified dishes that give space and respect to each of the cultures.

The opening shot was on 31/12/19 and after a dizzying success, it was clear to us that we were embarking on a journey together.

סיר לסלאם سير لسلام a pot for a peace
Muzna and Dafi

What is the vision of 'Sir La Salam'?

Sir la Salam's vision is to create an enabling and respectful bi-cultural space.

Get to know who lives among us.

Dedicate yourself to the points of contact.

It just starts on the plate and develops into coexistence and magic that takes place over a few hours of culinary activity/lectures/workshops/meals.

What significant things happened to you thanks to this project?

I think on a personal level the most significant thing that has happened to me, is an in-depth and fascinating encounter with an entire culture I thought I knew, and suddenly discovered infinite beauty, from the richness of language and stunning typography to the whole culture and food culture.

One of the exciting things that happened to us and lost a bit of its impact because of the Corona, is that we were privileged to be the culinary face of the ‘12 Tribal’ Project of the President’s house and ‘Wibe Israel’.

A great honor for us.

Who is your target audience?

Anyone who loves people, soil and food.

סיר לסלאם سير لسلام a pot for a peace

How did the Corona crisis affect your activity?

The corona stopped f many of my activities, and yet it forced me (and the entire industry) to create new solutions and reinventing myself.

The meals that are one of the strongest elements in my business were completely eliminated during the closures, and reduced to 20 participants between closures.

But I managed to ”lock up" good flavors for deliveries at a fairly early stage and to my delight one of the good things that this period spawned is the "Wandering Kitchen".

What is the "Wandering Kitchen"?

The "wandering kitchen" as its name implies - a traveling kitchen.

My friends of the profession and I were left unemployed or with little work due to the restrictions.

And on the other side of the coin, our suppliers, farmers and producers, are left with tons of crops, that because of the reform in the country, are simply being sent for shredding.

One of the advantages of the profession is that we are considered "essential" and so we move around among them and improvise meals of wealth and happiness in the field with what is available to us.

סיר לסלאם سير لسلام a pot for a peace

What are your dreams and plans for 2021?

First of all health and back to the routine of hosting tours and workshops

Beyond that one of my fantasies is to go out into the world with 'Sir La Salam', to spread our doctrines for coexistence and respect, that begins with contemporary creative and quality cuisine on the one hand, and preserves tradition on the other

Who would you be happy to collaborate with?

With chefs, and culinary producers. But definitely also with designers and creators from the art world who can fulfill our visual dreams and promote our products all over the world.