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Cool Cocktail Packs

My home is a fortress, it's not just a concept that has gained momentum recently, but really the reality of us all this year.

As one who very, very much loves to go out, hang out, drink, travel and fly about life in Tel Aviv and the world, I can not help but feel a sense of missing out from this year, but (!) Not about everything!

To my delight, some great ventures were set up during the Corona period, aimed at allowing us the most similar thing to the fun experience of having a cocktail at a bar, and here are some of my favorites:

Cool cocktail set - Dream Bar Cocktail Box

Cocktail boxes in a box. Quality alcohol, excellent and unique concoctions and a huge bonus - local raw materials and harvested from Israeli farmers. Each package contains 2 cocktails to choose from and comes with all the products, toppings and instructions on how to make the cocktail in the simplest way.

Rockit Cocktails Cocktail Pack

A charming venture of a pair of bartending students, who decided to take their contingency plan a step further following the Corona. Prepare excellent cocktail packs in a bottle, just pour into a glass with ice, add the garnish and drink. All cocktails are original and delicious.


The people behind this venture are Roi and Maya - who after years in the field of restaurants in Tel Aviv decided to establish Botany - fun cocktail packages to the house.

Their cocktails consist of quality ingredients in perishable packaging alongside floral and fruity extracts that they brewed themselves.

Their cocktails were some of the tastiest I have drunk, especially recommend the Mamasita-tequila, orange liqueur, mango, lime and chili, and White Page- gin, chili, lime, soda and basil.

Perfect cocktails by a barmaid on - Mazzo Quarto

I met Moore Coral a few years ago as a bartender at one of my favorite bars in town - 223. She made me my cocktail perfectly, scattered some smiles, did some cocktail shake tricks - and I fell in love!

Since then, she has managed to bartend in the leading bars in Tel Aviv and around the world, picking up several awards in the field and returning to Israel especially in time to make the perfect cocktail packages - which are exactly what we need in this closure.

All its blends - and everything is excellent! Surprising flavors, fun decorations and quality alcohol.

Free pouring - Meziga Hofshit

Fun and invested packages by theme + option to purchase cool bar accessories.

All cocktails are invested, and the ingredients come in beautiful, reusable small glass bottles.

One of the great margaritas I drank! High quality.

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