• Michal Ben-ari Manor

Ma'ase Be - Culinary Social Hospitality

In the village Even Sapir, in a picturesque country house with a spacious courtyard and a pastoral view of the Jerusalem mountains, there is a 'Ma'ase Be' project.

A home that combines good food, an equal encounter with people with disabilities, a contribution to the community, and a staff that includes alumni of the House of Wheels.

The home belongs to the House of Wheels Association - an organization that helps hundreds of teens and adults with physical disabilities experience independence, belonging, friendship and self-worth, and develop as independent citizens and contributors.

The revenues are intended for the active integration of people with disabilities in Israeli society and for creating an encounter with the world of disabilities. The place is ideal for work and leisure meetings, board meetings, professional workshops, trainings and seminars, tours, family events and social events for any purpose.