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myAir, functional plant-based bar, reduce stress, naturally

An interview with Rachel Yarcony, the founder and Co-CEO of myAir

Given the importance of food in our day-to-day lives, there have been numerous fad diets and food trends over the years that aim to connect our mental and physical beings to what we are eating. Food is a source of fuel, but it is also important for individuals to establish a connection to food that is healthy, sustainable and personal to them. Today, we know that our overall well-being relies on how we nourish our bodies holistically, from the rest we get, the foods we eat and the way we cope with stressors.

Meet Rachel Yarcony, the founder and Co-CEO of myAir, stress relief nutrition bars. The company relies on personal stress management goals and provides natural bars that satiate our snacking cravings while decreasing stress levels.

myAir, functional plant-based bar, reduce stress, naturally

How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Rachel: During the last 20 years, I worked as a business leader at food and pharma corporates (Strauss, Nestle, Teva pharmaceuticals). As an executive manager, a mother, a caregiver to my parents, stress became a massive burden in my life. I tried to manage my stress through meditation and mindfulness, but I failed to do so in my routine, until I understood that we should manage our stress as if it was our sport or dietary routine. Personal, functional nutrition is part of the solution!

This spurred me to seek a natural, plant-based solution, and develop a ‘food for mood’ that consumers can easily merge into their daily routine to help take control of their health and manage their personal stress levels.

What are your myAir’s goals?

Rachel: myAir offers a solution to deal with the number 1 silent killer in the world: stress.

Our goal is to empower millions to manage their stress through super-plants, personalized-based nutrition. myAir’s novel concept taps into three current booming trends: plant-based, personalized nutrition, and stress management. Studies show that 75% of the population prefers to improve their quality of life by embracing a healthy diet rather than dosing up on prescribed medication. Meanwhile, 73% of adults snack in order to relax. Our concept effectively leverages AI technology to provide a simple-to-follow, tasty, customized nutritional solution to the global stress crisis.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Rachel: Strategy is first what NOT to do! In a lean startup, it is essential to understand how to be focused on the important milestones!

myAir, functional plant-based bar, reduce stress, naturally

myAir value proposition is based on two arms of science: The science behind plant-based formulations and the science of AI to develop personalization algorithms.

Each formulation contains a research-backed botanical blend, designed to deliver a specific stress-release effect. The proprietary herbal extract blends are based on deep profiling machine learning technology and are tailored to the consumer’s unique stress profile and cognitive needs.

Imagine every month, you receive a box on your doorstep. In that box, you will find stress-relief nutrition bars tailored to your personal needs

It's the first start-up to offer a complete body & mind solution to reduce different type of stress through functional, plant-based nutrition